Disproportionate Breasts Can Interfere with Sports


Seattle is a community were women are involved in all kinds of athletics. Having breasts that are uncomfortable can be a barrier to many types of activities.

Women with breasts that are too large have trouble with high impact movements. Bras can pull on the shoulder straps and rub around the chest band. Repetitive motion like running can cause chafing and heat rashes. Even wearing two sports bras may not be support enough to prevent bouncing. This can discourage large breasted women from participating in the type of workout they might enjoy.

A breast reduction or breast lift can make a huge functional as well as cosmetic difference. For the woman with breasts that are overly large or one with the right size but drooping breasts, plastic surgery has a variety of offerings to address these concerns.

Women with very small breasts may be as uncomfortable in the gym as those with large breasts. One of my patients is a competitive body builder. She disliked wearing a padded bra for her contests. Another woman swims regularly for exercise but felt unfeminine in her bathing suit. Both of these chose a breast augmentation to improve their confidence in these settings. I had women seek breast enlargement that were personal trainers, yoga instructors, pilates teachers and coaches. These professionals recognized that making changes in their breasts improved physical function, appearance and self image.

Breast health is an important contributor to a woman’s over all well being. Don’t neglect your breast health.

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