No Down Time Available for Plastic Surgery? Erase a Few Wrinkles First


The VI Peel

Erase WrinklesFor many of us it is hard enough to achieve a work life family balance, much less take time for personal needs. We might enjoy the benefits of plastic surgery but have trouble finding downtime for it. As fewer people have taken time for aesthetic surgery during the recession, there has been a rise in popularity of non invasive cosmetic procedures. Minimally invasive techniques have become a maintenance routine for aging faces.

For those interested in improving skin quality, there is a new product that I like, the VI Peel. I tried it on myself a couple of months ago. This medical grade peel is a light peel that requires minimal downtime and creates little interference with your daily obligations. 

The Vitality Institute Skin Care System has produced the VI Peel to decrease fine lines, fade age spots or sun damage and improve acne scarring. The peel also promotes collagen and elastin growth. This results in better skin clarity and texture and younger looking skin. The procedure takes a few minutes in our office. Your skin turns red like mild sunburn and peels within three to seven days. It can be used on all skin types including Afro Americans and Asian skin. The peel removes the damaged upper layers of skin and repairs from new cells below. 

The peel has a combination of peeling agents that enhance one another. TRICHLOROACETIC Acid (TCA) penetrates the skin. RETIN a causes a rapid turnover of skin cells to reduce wrinkles. SALICYLIC ACID is an exfoliant. PHENOL is antiseptic and helps numb the skin. VITAMIN C is an antioxidant and an exfoliant. 

The peel does not replace a facelift if that is what you need, but it can make a great difference in your skin quality without missing a day of work!

Medical therapy for aging skin can reverse some of the cellular damage that has occurred and create a healthier, younger looking skin.

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