Plastic Surgery After the Weight Loss: Completing the Process


Massive Weight Loss procedures

The February 2014 edition of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal provides of survey of post weight loss patients, asking which patients were most likely to have plastic surgery to correct the surplus skin issues and which surgeries they preferred to have.

Here are some of their findings:

  1. The majority of patients wanted to have body contouring procedures for both functional reasons and improved body confidence.
  2. People with a weight loss of more than 50kg (110lb) showed a stronger desire for body contouring than those with less than 20 kg(44 lb).
  3. Women were more likely to desire body contouring than men.
  4. Younger age groups had a stronger desire for post bariatric body contouring.

The areas that people most wanted improvement in were:

  • 62.2%. Abdomen
  • 37.6% Upper Arms
  • 28.3% Breast or Chest
  • 35.6% Rear or Buttocks

Only 15.5% did not wish any post weight loss plastic surgery. Most respondents to the survey thought that dealing with the extra skin was an important part of achieving their health goals.

Read more in:
Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2014,Vol 34 (1) 118-132, p. 96.


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