Staying Fit as the Seasons Change


Seattle had a beautiful summer this year that stretched out through most of September. It was easy to stay inspired for outdoor sports. As the leaves are turning and daylight is shorter don’t let weather hold you back from training. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Train with friends. Having a buddy helps to keep you accountable. It is too easy to let yourself off the hook when you are tired, and besides you can accomplish your social goals at the same time as your fitness goals. Consider it multi-tasking.
  2. Work on your core. The stronger your trunk muscles are, the better your balance and stability.  It enhances any other sporting activity. Yoga and Pilates classes are popular ways to strengthen your abdomen and back.
  3. Increase aerobic endurance. Thirty minutes three times a week is an important baseline for aerobic fitness. Make that 30 minutes increasingly difficult to improve stamina after your routine becomes habit.
  4. Return to the gym. Spinning classes, swimming pools and treadmills are easier to use when there are others around. The energy from other people is contagious. Sports equipment at home is a great idea, but it seems to collect dust before it ends up in garage sales.

What ever you do, be adventurous, creative and open-minded. Staying fit is good for your mood, good for your brain, good for generating energy, and good for your health. Don’t let it lapse when it is unseasonable!

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