Featured Stories » Breast Reduction and Liposuction Kick Start Commitment to Lifestyle Change

In 2004 Colleen was thirty years old. She was 5’7″ and weighed 180 lbs. Her usual weight was 155, but she had gained a lot after being placed on antidepressants. (The gray winters in Seattle contribute to a lot of use of antidepressants.) Her breasts had always felt too big, even as an adolescent, and their size made exercise unpleasant.

Colleen decided to have a breast reduction. Women with large breasts often carry excess weight in their mid-section which was the case for Colleen, so she had liposuction of her abdomen and thighs at the same procedure. The outcome of surgery made a big difference in how she looked.

Within two months she dropped from a size 14 to a size 10 dress. It made a huge impact on her self image. She started working out regularly and found that when she exercised she felt better and she started dropping the extra pounds. 

By six months her weight was down 35 lbs. She was enormously happy with the transfomation in her body and was very committed to her new healthy lifestyle.

Over time a few more pounds came off and she stabilized between 135-140, an overall weight loss of 40-45 lbs. She maintained her athleticism. In 2012 She returned to our office, eight years after her plastic surgery. She was very comfortable with her body, but wanted a small change. After her successful weight loss she preferred to have some cleavage show. She was not looking to have bigger breasts, but did want to have a different shape in clothes with a lower neck line.

A small breast implant was used to create upper chest fullness. It worked better in this year’s summer wardrobe.