Featured Stories » Good Use for that Pound of Flesh

Elizabeth and I got to know one another about a dozen years ago. She had a teenage daughter that had one breast that had failed to grow at puberty.  We found a solution for her daughter, so she returned to me when she had some concerns about her own body changes at menopause. At 54, she was very athletic, but her body had gradually changed in three ways.

  1. Her breasts had gotten overly large, without gaining weight. She used the word matronly to describe how she thought this looked. Elizabeth had a breast lift in her thirties, but as her estrogen levels declined her breast size increased.
  2. Her body fat had now settled in her midsection. This seemed to come on after 50. She had gynecological surgery in her forties that left a scar in the lower abdomen but no amount of sit-ups restored her prior shape. 
  3. Her face seemed to have lost fat, leaving her with a gaunt appearance.

Elizabeth wanted a small breast reduction (which includes a lift) and a mini-abdominoplasty to improve her belly. Her breast surgery used the same surgical scar pattern that she had from her prior procedure.  Her abdominoplasty used the same scar that was present from her c-section, took out loose skin and tightened the muscles below.

Fat was taken from her hips by liposuction and processed to transfer to her face. She had a new use for that unwanted pound of flesh.

The transferred fat, sometimes called “lipo structure” was added to her cheekbones, nasolabial folds (smile lines), and temporal regions to soften her features and reverse some of the volume loss that occurs in faces with aging.

Elizabeth’s photos are taken one month after surgery.