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Fat Transfer to the Body: Fat Grafting,  Lipotransfer,  Liposculpture

What an appealing idea to be able to take fat from where you don’t want it and transfer to a place that has lost volume. Fat transfer is an evolving technique for plastic surgeons that is called different names. It may be referred to as fat grafting, lipotransfer, lipostructure, fat injection or liposculpture. The principle is that fat is removed from one part of the body, processed and reinjected into an area that needs increased fill. Areas of the body with good blood supply tend to have better acceptance of the transferred tissue because each droplet of fat must have a new nutrient supply in its new location in order to survive. It takes  three to six months to see how much of the transferred fat is a “take.”  Sometimes several stages of lipotransfer are required to achieve the desired results.  
Fat transfer can be useful in various types of breast and chest wall shaping.  
It can improve irregularities following liposuction and is becoming popular for use in the buttocks, referred to as the “Brazilian” butt.

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