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Breast Augmentation

Many women are unhappy with the size of their breasts, and choose breast augmentation. It may be something you’ve considered for a long time, or just recently desired following a significant change in your body, such as weight loss. Whatever your reason, talk to Dr. Peters about your thoughts and feelings, what you want to look like and how you want to proceed. Between the two of you, in a private and confidential conversation, you will decide what is best for you. Dr. Peters is there to support you and your decision.

Breast enlargement (augmentation) increases breast size and improves breast shape. Women sometimes choose augmentation when they have decreased breast volume after pregnancy or weight loss. It is sometimes chosen to balance breast asymmetry when there is a significant difference between the sizes of the breasts. Most often it is chosen to improve contour when a woman feels her breast size is too small. Breast augmentation is the second most frequently performed cosmetic surgery in the United States, surpassed only by liposuction.

The decision that most affects a woman’s satisfaction with outcome of breast augmentation is the size of the breast implant. It is important that a patient have a good sense of what she would like to achieve and to participate fully in this decision. Women vary widely in the breast size they prefer. An individual’s body type, height and weight should be considered when selecting an implant size. The shape and size of your breasts prior to surgery will influence both the recommended treatment and final results.

Breast Enlargement FAQs

Will I lose sensation in my nipples?

Sensation over the entire breast will be somewhat diminished for several weeks after breast augmentation. Recent studies have shown that measurable sensation may be somewhat decreased at three months but returns to normal at six months in women with implants placed below the muscle. Loss of nipple sensation is a possibility. If this would make you regret choosing an enlargement it is best not to do so.

How long should I wait to have a breast augmentation after breastfeeding?

It is best to wait to have breast augmentation surgery after your breasts are no longer lactating. Engorgement can alter your size, making it hard to pick the best size for you and after augmentation the milk can be a medium for bacteria growth increasing your risk for infection.

Can I breastfeed after breast augmentation?

Many women successfully breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery. Some women are unsuccessful without having surgery; therefore, they may also be unsuccessful after their operation.

How long will my breasts be swollen?

Normal swelling takes time to resolve. In the first two weeks to one month, 80 percent of the swelling should go down. It can take an additional three to six months for the rest of the swelling to go away and for you to be at your final shape.

When will the breast implants “drop?”

After breast augmentation surgery, the implants tend to “ride hide” and will “drop” into their final position in six weeks to six months. Do not be alarmed if one side “drops” before the other.

When can I shower? Can I shower with the tape on?

You may shower after your first follow-up appointment with Dr. Peters. Avoid allowing the stream of water to come directly down on the area of your surgery for the first week. You should shower with the tape on. The tape should only be changed every four to five days to avoid skin irritation.

How long do I have to wear the sports bra?

The sports bra provides good support for you after your surgery. Wear the bra day and night for four weeks following surgery. After three weeks, you may leave the bra off at night although you may feel more comfortable with it on. Do not wear an underwire bra for two months after surgery.

When can I wash the sports bra, and how long can I have it off per day?

You may begin washing your bra after your first follow-up appointment. Try to limit the amount of time out of your bra to one to two hours per day.

When do I start doing the breast massage exercises?

Dr. Peters will go over the breast massage exercises with you. Usually, you will begin gentle massage one week after your surgery.

I notice one side is larger than the other. Is this normal?

One breast may appear a different size than the other and this is normal. The procedure is performed identically on each side; however, the body can respond differently. Swelling can be more dramatic on one side and can take three to six months to resolve. The asymmetry of the breasts before surgery can also affect your final shape but Dr. Peters’ goal is obtain as close a match as possible.

How will I know if an implant breaks?

Breast implants can rupture if the shell develops a tear or hole. Saline-filled implants will deflate rapidly after a break (three to six days) and the saline will be absorbed by the body. When a silicone gel-filled implant ruptures there usually are no obvious symptoms. A mammogram or MRI may detect a rupture. Most ruptures are silent, but sometimes symptoms of a rupture for a silicone implant can include breast hardness, a change in breast shape or size, and/or breast pain.

Can I have a mammogram after breast augmentation surgery? If so, how long should I wait?

Mammograms can be performed after breast augmentation surgery. You should wait until your breasts are comfortable which usually takes about three to six months.

Are MRIs required after breast augmentation to check the implants?

Silicone implant manufacturers are advising an MRI to check the envelope of the implant three years after implant surgery and then every two years thereafter.


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