Surgical Breast » Fat Transfer to the Breast

Fat transfer to increase breast size is a procedure that has been growing in popularity. It is an appealing prospect to take fat from a bulge you do not want and reposition it where it is needed.

With fat transfer, volume increases by using your body’s own tissue, so there are no issues of rejection. Unlike breast implants, no long-term maintenance is required. Fat is readily available to donate in women of normal body weight. For many, there can be a double advantage. Breast size and shape can be improved at the same time as contouring body curves. The fat is harvested by liposuction, processed and injected into the breasts in multiple tiny droplets. The success of the procedure depends on your capillaries growing into the newly placed fat droplets to bring in a fresh blood supply.  

Studies have shown an increase in the peak circumference of the breast by 6-8 cm (two and a half to three inches). This increase corresponds to a 100-200 cc size increase.

Downsides to the choice of fat grafting are that the size increase is smaller than women typically get with a breast implant, and that it can be hard to find enough fat for the procedure in women that are thin. Underweight women are more likely to be small breasted.

To find out if fat grafting to the breast might be beneficial for you, come in for a consultation to evaluate the pros and cons.