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Often, a sagging brow or cheek is a dramatic and very visible sign of aging. It may not reflect how you want the world to see you. Dr. Peters can help you decide if a brow lift, with or without other facial aesthetic surgery, is right for you.

As we age, the eyebrow gradually descends below the bony rim at the top of the orbit (the eye socket). A brow lift improves a number of signs of aging in the upper third of the face by repositioning sagging tissues and removing or diminishing frown lines or deep vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows, restoring the normal arch of the eyebrow to its original position. The brow lift can also help to return the cheek fat pad to its rightful position over the cheek bone. This makes the eyes appear more oval than round, a subtle sign of youth. Sometimes small portions of muscle in the forehead are removed during this surgery to diminish the results of their over activity (frown lines). A brow lift can be performed by itself or combined with a face lift.

Brow Lift FAQs

When will my stitches/staples come out?

The stitches will be removed five days after surgery. Metal clips or staples also are used in the scalp because they are gentler to the hair follicles. The staples will be removed in seven to 14 days depending on your healing.

When can I shower and shampoo?

At your first appointment after surgery you will be told when you may shower and shampoo.

How long will the bruising and swelling last?

Bruising and swelling are greatest in the first two days and then start to quiet down. Do not be surprised if the bruising drifts down to your eyes and eyelids, cheek or even neck.. Gravity tends to pull the bruising and swelling down. The bruising should improve two to three weeks after surgery but some residual bruising can last for six to eight weeks. For some patients, swelling may improve after two to four weeks with a minor amount remaining for three to six months.

What are endotines?

Endotines are an implanted device which holds the brow in place until healing occurs. They are dissolvable but can be felt through the skin for three to six months. Dr. Peters will discuss with you the option of implanting endotines prior to surgery.

Will I lose hair after a brow lift?

Hair loss is minimal and temporary for most people. For those who have some temporary strain on hair follicles, Rogaine has been helpful in stimulating regrowth.

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